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What Are TUFF Superseal® Chains?

We're glad you asked!
These chains are the outcome of years of research, development and testing.
They have a unique design that retains lubrication and reduces internal wear, perfect for harsh NZ conditions.


For Excavators 10-50 Tonne
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Extending chain life with breakthrough technology, our TUFF Superseal® Chains incorporate a unique internal design, giving you:

  • 30% Longer chain life.
  • Reduced seizing.
  • 50% Quieter throughout chain life.
    Designed to reduce noise for machines working in civil areas.
  • 50% longer lubrication in the seals.
  • Increasing operator comfort with smoother ride and less noise.
  • Reduced internal wear, maintaining original chain pitch.
  • Reduced external bush & sprocket wear.
  • Seal reduces snaking and detracking.