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The Track Rebuild Experts.

Get longer service life from your Track Chains & Shoes with our 400 tonne Track Press & Shoe relugging service.

Rebuilding is a great way to get more from your Track Chains & Track Shoes. Keeping your tracks properly maintained and in top working order is critical for getting the longest possible service life & return on investment.

With our 400 tonne hydraulic track press, we can service up to D11/D475 size Bulldozer SALT chains and 200 tonne size Excavator chains for pin and bush turns and other repairs. We remove the shoes, press the chains to bits and inspect the track components for excessive wear or damage. The chain is assembled back together again, turning the bushes around 180 degrees, fitting post turn seals, refilling the pins with oil and refitting the Shoes.

Track Press & Bolt-up table locations;
> 400 Ton Track Press at our Westport branch.
> 200 Ton Track Press at our Auckland branch.

Extend your Shoe life & increase your machines traction with new Grouser Relug Bars welded on. The lug height of your shoes is an important factor for your Shoe strength & machine productivity. We stock a huge range of Grouser Bar profiles for all Shoe types & is a quick and easy way to get your bite back.

With our vast knowledge and experience of Undercarriage we can offer you a complete roll on roll off, hassle free rebuild service. We’ve completed major Track rebuilds on the biggest Bulldozer chains & Shoes, for the largest mining companies in New Zealand. You get trusted expertise that delivers reliable results, every time.

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Watch 400 Tonnes of Track Press Power on a D11T SALT Chain.

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