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Customized Track Groups, Ready to Roll on.

Save yourself the hassle of bolting track shoes to your chains and get them ready to roll on as a Track Group.

Stay on Track for longer with less hassle, less downtime! We make it easy by supplying Track Groups with your choice of shoes already bolted on so you can roll off the old and roll on the new, to keeping on tracking.

With our hydraulic nut runner & roller bed, we offer a fast and efficient shoe fitment and shoe swap service, ensuring the right shoe and chain prep, correct shoe to chain fitment & the correct bolt torque settings are applied.

Don’t take the risk of your shoes coming loose when you’re hard at work. You can trust our experts to get it right – we’ve been the pros in Undercarriage parts & service for over 25 years, with our large team of trained technicians and engineers, you can be assured we know our stuff.

Choose from our huge range of Track Shoes and Track Chains for all makes & models of Excavators up to 200 tonne, Dozers up to 100 tonne and other tracked machines. We stock the largest selection of Standard & Heavy Duty ESS Track Shoes in NZ, available in 1, 2 & 3 Bar styles, for all applications.

Get more grip with Grouser Relug Bar welded to your Track Shoes! You can boost traction on your forestry machines and stick to slopes for longer, with our huge range of profiles to suit all machines sizes. We can weld this to your shoes in various patterns to enhance your climbing performance.

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