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4 Benefits of West-Trak TUFF Superseal® Track Chains in New Zealand

Find out why West-Trak TUFF Superseal® track chains offer so many benefits for excavators in New Zealand. In this article, we outline why this superior design of excavator track chain will save you money, increase productivity and save you downtime. We know that many contractors are looking to get more from their equipment, and with our innovative products, you can make efficiencies that will save you time and money in the long run.

Prevents Chains from Seizing

If you’re looking for an excavator track chain that doesn’t seize, then TUFF Superseal® track chains are the option for you. Save time on projects and avoid falling behind schedule because of seized chains. When it comes to excavator tracks in NZ, there really is no better option.

Designed to withstand more pressure and regain its shape faster than other chains, the durability and strength of the TUFF Superseal® is what sets it apart. The added protection for the pin cavity means that the entire component is better prepared to avoid seizing while in use.

Wears Slowly and Evenly

At West-Trak, we see so many contractors who replace their excavator chains too early and spend money they shouldn’t have to, because the internal side of their chains are worn, while the external side has plenty of life left in it. That’s exactly what our TUFF Superseal® chain does. The unique internal design can maintain its form under 5000Kgf of pressure. It is about three times as much as what a “typical” excavator seal can withstand. The durability of our TUFF Superseal® chains guarantees slow wear, ensuring a predictable and long life.

Quiet Chains

Our TUFF Superseal® track chains incorporate a unique internal design, which retains lubrication and reduces noise by 50%. Due to the decrease in internal wear, this extends the time when the chains are quiet, reducing operator fatigue and keeping noise down on site.

Smoother ride & more power in the Final Drive

Whether you are working on soft soil, hard rock or anything in between, the TUFF Superseal® chains will deliver a smooth ride and 5% more power in the final drive. With a patented internal design that prevents dirt and debris from entering the pin and bushing area, friction and rolling resistance are reduced, allowing more power to be transferred to the ground.

If you have any questions about our TUFF Superseal® chains, our experienced and knowledgeable team is on hand to assist you. We take pride in supplying contractors across New Zealand with high-quality products that meet their needs and have established an excellent reputation for our range of quality products and outstanding customer service.

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