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What may be the biggest excavator bucket ever made in New Zealand, has been completed and delivered to its new home in Maramaura!

This 12 tonne, Bulk Bucket, with a 13.5m3 carrying capacity, was designed & built for a 200 tonne, Hitachi EX1900 mining excavator. It has been lined with a special non-stick plastic liner to deal with the muddy conditions at the Solid Energy Coal mine, in Maramarua, North Island.

The project took just four months from design to completion, with up to six staff members working hard to get this behemoth bucket ready for action. More than 500kg of welding wire was poured into this mammoth bucket, which stands 2.7m high and 3.1m wide.

It is reported to be the largest excavator bucket ever, to be built from the ground up in NZ!

Pictured below is the completed bucket and some of our fantastic workshop team members with Buller Mayor Garry Howard.

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