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New Plasma P8000 CNC profile Cutting Machine!

We’ve just commissioned a new Plazmax CutPro Profile Cutting / Plasma Cutting Machine with a 12m x 3.4m table to give us greater capabilities, higher cut quality and increased cutting capacity.

We can now offer the highest plasma cut quality in the world, with a 400amp Hypertherm power source and the latest TrueHole & TrueBevel technology, only released this year. Watch the video of it in action below.

 Plasma Cutter Key features;

  • Hypertherm 400amp high definition power source
  • Pierce & production cut up to 50mm thick steel
  • Custom built table with a cutting area of 12.4m x 3.4m
  • 360 degree rotating head with 45-degree Bevel angle
  • The latest TrueHole & TrueBevel technology for precision cutting
  • Hyperthem/Phoenix controllers and software
  • Oxyfuel cutting up to 200mm thick steel

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