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D11 ripper shank conversion, for Rosco Contractors,

This ripper shank has been converted to the worlds most trusted MTG RipMet ripper system. A stronger, better, more reliable, longer lasting ripper solution ensuring the maximum ripping performance. Improved tooth and protector designs for greater strength and wear life, well proven in the hardest ripping conditions around the world with the following benefits.

  • Ultimate safety with the hammerless twist pin system = No more bang-in pins!
  • Excellent pin retention and security = No loss of teeth or protectors!
  • Better penetration and longer tooth wear life = Self-sharpening teeth!
  • Faster change-overs = Reducing downtime!

We can design and build you the toughest and longest lasting Dozer or Excavator ripper shank with this RipMet system fitted. Talk to us today! 0800 654 323.