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How to get the best wear life & performance from your Buckets,

1. Ensure your bucket has enough wear protection! Protecting your buckets from wear and damage can increase its service life at least 3 times! Replaceable steel wear components can be welded, bolted or pinned on to your buckets.

2. Stop losing bucket teeth and welding up adapter noses! Choose the world’s safest, most trusted STARMET tooth system and never lose a tooth or weld up adapter noses again. Increase productivity, safety and get better tooth wear life with our Hammerless STARMET tooth system. Available for 20 -400 tonne excavators and loaders.

3. Get a strong West-Trak cutting edge in your bucket! Did you know the weld-in cutting edge is the strength of your bucket? Make sure you have a tough weld-in cutting edge for maximum wear life and bucket strength.

4. Put a bolt on cutting edge on your bucket! Get a bolt-on, reversible cutting edge on your cleaning bucket for extra strength, increased penetration and capacity.

5. No more bucket performance issues! Use West-Trak wear parts to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. With our huge wealth of knowledge, experience and products, we’ll ensure you get the right materials to maximise your bucket performance.