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A New 140mm thick Rock Bucket Cutting Edge for the biggest 400 tonne Mining Excavator in NZ!

This was an extra large cutting edge project for our experienced heavy fabrication team, who completed this Cutting Edge for a Hitachi EX3600 (400T) Excavator Bucket.

This huge 140mm thick, 4100mm long, 800mm deep slab of high tensile steel was profile cut & bevelled to shape, with MTG StarMet adapters & wear protection plates welded on.

Weighing over 4000kgs, this stepped spade Edge will soon be at the business end of a 400 tonne mining Excavator, digging some of the hardest rock in the world to find Gold!

Big gear requires big engineering know-how and specialized welding & heat treatment techniques, which our guys have mastered to perfection.

Great work team West-Trak!