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Specifically combating the arduous terrain that loggers face in NZ, we’ve developed a chain that has a special internal seal to withstand three times greater pressure than a ‘normal’ excavator seal without losing its shape.

Our TUFF Superseal® chains use unique and patented seals made here in New Zealand and assembled into an OEM chain guaranteeing superior performance. With Superseal® you can expect:

  • Extended chain life of over 30%
  • Zero Seizing
  • Reduced internal wear maintaining original chain pitch.
  • Reduced external bush & sprocket wear.
  • 50% Quieter throughout chain life

Once traditional seals are exposed to high pressures such as working on slopes or tracking over stumps & rough terrain, they are very slow to return to their original shape or even, do not return at all. This ‘deforming’ of seals allows foreign objects to get in and around the greased pin starting the process of internal pin wear – we all know what sand and grease combine to effect!

With more than 200 chains proving in the industry we are pleased to say we haven’t had one disappointed customer, and the team at Mainline Track is highly driven to keep it that way!