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Have you got the edge on your machines?

Sharpen up & cut through the clutter with our huge range of Single Bevel Flat (SBF) weld-in Cutting Edges for Excavator, Loader & Tractor buckets. These are available in many different profile sizes from 110×12 to 400×50 and up to 6200mm long or cut to suit any bucket type, size & width!

Our SBF Cutting Edges are through hardened to 400HB for maximum strength, long wear life and ease of welding. They can be drilled to suit bolt-on reversible Cutting Edges or have adapters welded onto them. Remember the weld-in Cutting Edge is the strength of your Bucket! View the range of profile sizes below & get a new edge in your bucket today! Call 0800 654 323 or Email: sales@west-trak.co.nz to discuss your needs!