CLARK Tyre Tracks

Get a Grip, Go more places with CLARK Tyre Tracks


> Increased machine stability & traction
> Increased load capacity & pulling power
> Reduced fuel consumption & less ground disturbance
> Your tyres will last longer
> Heavier duty design for longer service life

“West-Trak are approved distributors for the ‘CLARK’ brand Forestry Tyre Tracks in NZ!”


Watch the promotional video below;

Clark Tracks have been a manufacturer of Forest Machine Tracks for over 20 years, and has built a strong reputation delivering high quality products to the largest forest machine manufacturers around the world. A full range of Dual and Single Tyre Tracks are available to fit Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere and Tigercat, Harvesters, Forwarders & Skidders.

All Clark Tracks are manufactured from special boron alloy steel. The durability and toughness of the steel is maximised using specialised induction heating and hardening processes. Specifically designed and manufactured steel sections and forgings are used to give high performance combined with the longest possible working life.

New and Improved ‘Patented’ Link Design

Clark Tracks have designed and manufactured a new and advanced track link called the “Haggis Ultra Link”. This new design features a new pin profile to maximise life and reduce maintenance through tensioning. The special profile of the side flanges reduce risk of links twisting whilst remaining tyre friendly.

Heavy Duty Multi-Terrain Track (FX)

These tracks are built for the heaviest Forwarders, working in the toughest terrain. Double Rocky spikes on each track pad are secure and extremely long lasting compared to standard spikes.

Ultimate Climbing Single Track (GSG)

Grouzer Super Grip (GSG) is the single wheel track that delivers maximum climbing capability for 6-wheeled machines. GSG’s give exceptional traction and require less maintenance than tyre chains.

Single Tyre Chains NWS (net with studs)

A range of CLARK Tyre Chains are available for the most common Skidders and tyre sizes.

These are a studded, 2-Diamond, small ring chain and case hardened for longer service life. Designed for maximum durability and low maintenance, the open chain pattern knows no limits for terrain or climate.

See how to fit the Tyre chains below.

Click here to download fitting instructions PDF 


CLARK Tracks warranty is valid for 12 months or 2000hrs, whichever comes sooner from the date of delivery to the customer of the tracks. The warranty covers the following defects and is subject to the following limitations.

  1. Studs: more than 10% of the original quantity of studs has come off.
  2. Strength: significant breaks occurring in links or other parts of the tracks, found to be caused by defective welding or component parts.
  3. Fitment defects: track is wrongly dimensioned, so that its shape does not conform to the tire manufacturer’s current designs. Presently, track should fit with 5 to 20mm clearance each side of tire side wall.

All other warranties or other terms, express or implied by statue or otherwise, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Stocks due August 2016, Call 0800 654 323 now to secure your set!


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